Back in the year 1984, Siddarth Anand (Sid) passed through Pangot while on a trek from school in Nainital and was taken aback by the beauty of the hills, its breathtaking scenery and pristine wilderness. It was in the month of late September and the trails were covered with wild flowers, mushrooms and giant ferns. Waterfalls gushed over the paths and the sunrise and sunset over the Himalayan peaks was crystal clear. The moist Oak trees were covered in lichen and moss and the forest was buzzing with wildlife and birds.

He spent sleepless nights in a tent under the most magnificent star studded skies with the thought of a Himalayan Black Bear entering their campsite! The excitement of being in the outdoors and away from school lived in his heart and soul and this is when he decided that he would live here one day.

After many years of coaxing the locals to sell him a bit of land and years of visiting and camping in their fields, they finally agreed to sell a portion of the land in 1992.

Having lived the initial few years on the property in a tent with his wife and two kids, visitors slowly began to trickle in and thus Sid was successful in founding Mountain Quail Lodge!

The cottage was constructed within a year, and safari tents were put up for guests. Very little effort and energy was put into marketing as mobile phones never worked in the area and one had to drive 10 km to check email. The philosophy was to introduce the outdoors and the rich wilderness the area had to offer, providing a wholesome experience to travellers. Pangot was a tiny, quaint little village which had nothing but a small tea stall in the main area.

Over time, word spread and more people began to visit the area. Tents were replaced by Log Cabins and a Dining hall and Gazebo were built.

Today, Pangot is a very popular destination for all birding, wildlife and mountain lovers and lies in the heart of the recently declared - Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve.

We can proudly say that we were the first ones in the area and have created a home for all outdoor and nature enthusiasts!

From all of us at Mountain Quail –
“The outdoors for us is a lifestyle first and business later. We believe in simple living and a lot of what you see around our place is a reflection of that. We hope to provide you with a soulful experience that will stay with you for many a years to come!”

Mountain Quail Lodge
Mountain Quail Lodge
Located at 6500 feet amsl and overlooking the snow-clad Himalaya, this area is home to leopards, bears, deer and over 350 species of birds. Our lodge is an ideal getaway for those who wish to explore pristine mountain wilderness.